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With the economy still recovering, bankruptcy cases are becoming more and more common. It’s all too simple for the death of a loved one, the loss of a much-needed job, or the bills that pile up after treating a family member’s illness to send your financial life spinning out of control.

Attorney Michael H. Turner and his firm understand this, and always treat clients with the utmost respect. Filing for bankruptcy can be extremely stressful, but we want to help by addressing your case with personal attention and dedicated service.
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Why file for bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a recognized legal procedure that offers protection against repossessions and foreclosure. The threat of garnishments, lawsuits, creditor harassment, and IRS liens will also be put on hold once you have filed.

Our firm has worked to successfully resolve more than 5,000 bankruptcy cases. We would like to use our expertise to assist you as well.
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Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

What’s the difference between these two filings? In Chapter 7, you will often be able to have most of your debts discharged. With Chapter 13, you can set up a payment plan that will allow you to keep your property, lower your payments and have many of your debts discharged. 

Our attorney would be happy to advise you on which type of bankruptcy you may qualify for, and can offer advice as to which application is most likely to improve your financial situation. Call today to arrange for your free initial consultation!
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